Rob Waller

Throughout almost 30 years of automotive teaching (25 years of which as a California BAR Certified Smog Instructor), Robert has consistently strived to fulfill his main commitment to his students....which is to give them their money's worth. He understands completely that education is designed to be a quality-based service, in the same manner, that most automotive technicians view their profession. Robert is especially adept with presenting technical information in ways that simplify understanding and comprehension for all involved. He has been with STI for many years, previously had been employed for 10 years by both Snap-On Technical Training Systems and We Teach U, and had been the Lead Smog Instructor at UTI for 8 years. Robert's first automotive position in the industry dates to 1979 in a specialty turbocharger shop, and later became a specialist with Euro-spec gray market import vehicles. Of course, he also has extensive experience in a Smog Check Test and Repair environment as an inspector, diagnostic, and driveability technician. He currently holds 12 ASE certifications, including A1-A8 Master, A9, G1, X1, & L1