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Hey Everyone,
I recently sat in on a presentation from BAR on the status of the California I/M program and one thing that stood out to me was the number of registered stations vs the current amount of licensed inspectors.
There are currently 8,423 registered test stations (including test-only and test and repair) and around 10,000 licensed inspectors. That's approximately 1.18 inspectors per registered test station so, to keep this short and sweet....there ain't very many of us.
Out of curiosity, I put this google form (short survey) together to get an idea on the current status of the program from the inspector compensation side of the equation. The survey is completely anonymous, no private information is collected, and the results are public through a google spreadsheet that will be linked below.
As a hiring manager, I am interested in this data to make sure we are staying current with the industry and offering competitive wages. Since the responses are completely anonymous, feel free to use this data as you see fit.

Survey Link:

Results Link: Here is the link to the spreadsheet. The form is set up to automatically feed the data to the spreadsheet.
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