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Whatever your philosophy might be we must remember that our kids are in a system that is not of our making. Parents must be practical in the application of their ideals because their children's future is dependent on working within a corrupt system. As writers who write my essay for me cheap stated, the main thing to worry about is small advantages or disadvantages become magnified over time. Those who excel in younger grades get more attention and crowd out the younger kids who end up developing more slowly or not at all. If a parent does nothing to make up for this inequality they are not parenting but rather watching their kids grow up. How does a child of parents who's parents are unavailable to help them understand a subject remain in the same class as those who are getting major input from their parents, tutors and additional programming? In New York elementary schools they have both 'top class' and 'gifted and talented' to accommodate this disparity. My kids where in gifted programs and it was excruciatingly clear that those classes were filled with kids with highly motivated parents. Some kids will thrive without the extra parental input but that is a minority and can not set the standard for all. Each parent must make decisions appropriate to their child and their expectations for their children. This is not a science but an art. Don't impose your idealism on them. Remember acceptance to top universities and scholarship money is dependent on previous success.

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