16 Hour BAR Update Training

  1. bar update1Price: $290. Four subjects to choose from:  
    1. 1. Diesel Fundamentals and Diagnostic Principals
    2. 2. New Technologies
    3. 3. Hybrid Fundamentals and Safety Procedures
    4. 4. OBD II System Operations and Diagnostic Principals
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  2. There are now 2 license designations:
  3. 1. EO for inspector ( the EO inspectors are required a 4 hour online class by the BAR. If you don't have access to the internet you can complete your training at Smog Tech Institute for a fee of $75.00. Call to schedule time at 714 441 1630).
  4. 2. EI for repair ( the EI repair technicians are required to complete 16 hour of Update Training at a BAR certified school on a subject or subjects that have been approves by the BAR).
  5. NOTE:  * Technicians who maintain a repair license must also proof of unexpired ASE A-6, A-8 and L-1 or the BAR Specified Diagnostic & Repair.
  6.           ** Update classes do not expire so you can take them at any time, but may only take the same class once. 
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    • Course description: There is a general lack of understanding how diesel engines and fuel system work and this course will address this lack through the California smog check update program. Students will gain the understanding of Diesel Combustion Principles, Types of Fuel Systems, Emission and Controls, Intake Systems, On-board Diagnostics and much more.  This manual also includes sound diagnostic strategies based on real world instructions. Course includes time in the shop with practical labs to enhance the material and determine odes,  monitor readiness and mode 6 data as well.  Click here to see the book sample>>



        2. NEW TECHNOLOGIES (ID: UT028)

    • Course description: The course will help develop within the students, both the understanding and diagnostic skills needed to diagnose and repair vehicles that are using complex systems such ad CAN Networks, Variable Cam Timing, Throttle Control Systems, Direct Injection, and Air Fuel Ratio Sensors. Each chapter will explain the theory and operation of each system and offer diagnostic strategies based on real world instruction. The course also includes time in the shop with practical labs to enhance materials learnt in class. In the end the student should have developed knowledge and understanding of 5 critical systems that have been known to be difficult to repair.    Click here to see the book sample>>



    • Course description: In the intention of this class to teach hybrids from a generic prospective and to give basic understanding of all the systems involved that could be a potential danger. This class will also offer a fundamental understanding of different types of hybrid designs such as Series, Parallel, and series parallel. This class will expand the students’ knowledge on the use of generators, inverter's, converters, and give a thorough understanding of the difference between high-voltage and low-voltage systems. This class will also cover most of the features available on the popular Toyota hybrids. The class is intended to allow a technician to feel more comfortable while working around or with hybrid technology. Due to safety hazards and availability of hybrid vehicles all labs will be conducted in the classroom as a group discussion. Labs will focus on safety on operation and service procedures. This course will have a heavy emphasis of critical safety techniques that should be used by all technicians working on or around hybrid electric vehicles. To receive credit for completion each student must attend all hours of the class and pass the final exam with a score no less than 70%. The certificate for completion is valid for two years from the date of the final exam.  Click here to see the book sample>>

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    • Course description: The main focus of the class is to teach the diagnostic strategies today’s technicians should follow to minimize their diagnostic time and improve accuracy. This class will emphasize the utilization of the diagnostics systems that are built into today's vehicles such as Mode 6, Fuel Trim, and Emission Diagnostic Monitors, and is especially helpful for the new smog program that utilizes the DAD for emission testing. The class begins with a chapter on basic computer operation as a refresher how to computers work and how it makes decisions, then discusses the OBD II system purpose and function, then moves onto some diagnostic approaches such as the 8 step approach, Symptom based diagnostics, Mode 6, and Fuel trim diagnosis. The diagnostic strategies discussed in this book are valid and real world. This course also includes time in the shop with practical labs to enhance materials learnt in class. These labs will require the student to hook a scan tool to monitor OBD II system, identify the 9 modes if operation an the global OBD II system, Interpret Mode 6 Data, and perform Fuel Trim calculations. When finished the student should have developed knowledge and skills to accurately diagnose most symptoms based and code related concerns of failed vehicles. The certificate of completion is valid for two years from the date of the final exam. Click here to see the book sample >>



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    Smog Tech Institute Payment Policy

    Discounts or promotions are only available when student pays tuition in full on or before the day class starts. Students who choose our Financing option will pay the full non discounted price for tuition. Students can finance their tuition up to a maximum 6 month period interest free. STI will add a $60 loan servicing fee to the tuition when student chooses the finance option. The students first payment of $300 is due on the first day of class with 5 remaining payments made monthly starting 30 days after initial payment. Students will not be enrolled into class if first payment is not made. Students that are making payments are required to make a payment each month or risk being dropped from the program for non-payment. STI reserves the right to hold all certificates until final payments have been made. 

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