Online Self-Paced OBD II System Operation and Diagnostics Workshop

Important Information:
Class Workbook Access:
Upon enrollment and payment confirmation, you will receive an email containing an invite link and a coupon code to access your class workbook. Please note that the workbooks are in electronic (Etext) format, not paperback and not printable. 

About this Course:

This course centers on imparting diagnostic strategies essential for today's technicians to streamline their diagnostic procedures and enhance precision. It places a strong emphasis on harnessing the diagnostic systems integrated into modern vehicles, including Mode 6, Fuel Trim, and Emission Diagnostic Monitors. 

The course commences with a chapter on fundamental computer operations, offering a refresher on how computers function and make decisions. Subsequently, it delves into the purpose and functionality of the OBD II system before progressing to various diagnostic approaches, such as the 8-step method, Symptom-based diagnostics, Mode 6, and Fuel trim diagnosis. 

The instructor boasts over 25 years of automotive industry experience, having served as a technical advisor and automotive instructor. Each chapter features comprehensive video presentations, concluding with assessments to evaluate student comprehension. Upon course completion, students must achieve a score of 70% or higher on the final assessment to obtain a certificate of acheivement.

Key Subjects Covered Include:

- Computer Fundamentals
- On-Board Diagnostics
- Global OBD II And Mode 6
- The Diagnostic Process
- Symptom-Based Diagnosis
- Fuel Trim Diagnosis