#09 New Technologies Smog 16 Hour Update Self-Paced Online Training-UT028

Important Information:
Class Workbook Access:
Upon enrollment and payment confirmation, you will receive an email containing an invite link and a coupon code to access your class workbook. Please note that the workbooks are in electronic (Etext) format, not paperback.
Class Limitation:
Please be aware that BAR allows you to take an update class only once for credit. Ensure you haven't previously taken this class before enrolling. The class BAR ID is UT028. You can verify your history by visiting the California ARC website through the link provided below.
Additionally, you can check your Smog Tech Institute student profile by clicking the link below. Please make sure you are logged in for it to work, and it will display only the classes you have taken with Smog Tech Institute.
Course Details:
This course is self-paced and conducted online. You will need to complete all the lectures, labs, assessments, and a 50-question final exam with a minimum score of 70% to receive a proof of completion certificate. Once you enroll, you will be emailed a code to access the electronic student workbook, which is included in the tuition fee. After completing the course, we will provide your certificate of completion. The portal will also grant you access to communicate with the instructor via email and chat functions.
About the Course:
The world of automotive diagnosis has evolved significantly with the introduction of complex systems like CAN Networks, Variable Cam Timing, Throttle Control Systems, Direct Injection, and Air Fuel Ratio Sensors. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and diagnostic skills required to effectively diagnose and repair vehicles utilizing such intricate systems.
Each chapter will delve into the theory and operation of these systems, offering practical diagnostic strategies based on real-world scenarios. By the end of the course, students should have a solid understanding of five critical systems that are often challenging to repair.
The instructor brings over 25 years of automotive industry experience as a technical advisor and automotive instructor. Each chapter includes a comprehensive video presentation with assessments at the end to evaluate students' learning. To successfully complete the course, students must pass a final assessment with a score of 70% or higher. Please note that all lecture videos must be viewed in their entirety; there is no option to fast-forward through the material.
Subjects Covered:
Subjects covered in this course include:
- CAN and Network Communication
- Electronic Throttle Control Systems
- Valve Train and Variable Valve Timing Diagnosis
- Gasoline Direct-Injection Systems
- Wide-Band Oxygen Sensors