#10 OBD II Operation & Diagnostics 16 Hour Update Self-Paced Online Training-UT027

Important Information:
Class Workbook Access:
Upon enrollment and payment confirmation, you will receive an email containing an invite link and a coupon code to access your class workbook. Please note that the workbooks are in electronic (Etext) format, not paperback.
Class Limitation:
Please be aware that BAR allows you to take an update class only once for credit. Ensure you haven't previously taken this class before enrolling. The class BAR ID is UT027. You can verify your history by visiting the California ARC website through the link provided below.
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About this Course:

This course centers on imparting diagnostic strategies essential for today's technicians to streamline their diagnostic procedures and enhance precision. It places a strong emphasis on harnessing the diagnostic systems integrated into modern vehicles, including Mode 6, Fuel Trim, and Emission Diagnostic Monitors. It is particularly beneficial for those engaged in the new smog program employing the DAD for emission testing.

The course commences with a chapter on fundamental computer operations, offering a refresher on how computers function and make decisions. Subsequently, it delves into the purpose and functionality of the OBD II system before progressing to various diagnostic approaches, such as the 8-step method, Symptom-based diagnostics, Mode 6, and Fuel trim diagnosis. Furthermore, this class is certified as a 16-hour Update course, enabling participants to renew their Smog repair license.

The instructor boasts over 25 years of automotive industry experience, having served as a technical advisor and automotive instructor. Each chapter features comprehensive video presentations, concluding with assessments to evaluate student comprehension. Upon course completion, students must achieve a score of 70% or higher on the final assessment to obtain credit and proof of completion. It is worth noting that there is no option to fast-forward through the materials; all lecture videos must be viewed in their entirety.

Key Subjects Covered Include:

- Computer Fundamentals
- On-Board Diagnostics
- Global OBD II And Mode 6
- The Diagnostic Process
- Symptom-Based Diagnosis
- Fuel Trim Diagnosis