A Tribute to the Maurseths

Smog Tech Institute took Control of CIAT and High-Tech Auto in June of 2018. We here at Smog Tech Institute are very aware of the positive impact the Maurseths have had on the community with their solid business practices, kindness to others, and integrity to always do what is right. We will miss them, and the best way that we can honor them is by sticking to their core business practices of still doing business with integrity and delivering the best training possible. Smog Tech Institute will continue in the memory of the Maurseth's by offering the quality of training you deserve and, to treat you with respect.

Their story.

Sherman Myron Maurseth passed away on September 1, 2017, with his daughter Maria Worthen and son-in-law, Wes Worthen Sr., by his side. Myron was born on January 8, 1938, in Northwood, ND. He grew up on a farm, served in the Air Force, and then graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Science degree. He planned on becoming a doctor or dentist but became an automotive doctor instead.

Myron and his wife, Margaret Maurseth, moved to San Marcos and opened High Tech Auto performing auto repairs during the day and running automotive training classes at night. They opened CIAT (California Institute of Automotive Technology), in 1997. Myron authored and provided most of the required training material that still used throughout the state of California in both colleges and private schools for the California Smog training program. Myron books became the standard for most instructors because they were easy to read and understand. He was also involved in the Train-the-Trainer program, teaching others to become smog instructors for the state of California.

Myron was passionate about his students and always had them in mind when writing his training material. He was either directly or indirectly responsible for training thousands of automotive technicians through his curriculum and in the classroom. In his spare time, he was a pilot and loved mining for gems with his family. He and his wife were admired and respected by their community and in the automotive industry especially by the students who learned from CIAT. Many of CIAT’s students have gone on to be instructors, and many have opened their automotive repair shops and have become very successful. Their motto was to always do business with Integrity and Expertise, which they consistently achieved.

Matt Bartlett, Myron and Margaret's grandchild is the manager at High Tech Auto. Maria and Wes Worthen Sr have moved to Washington and passed the mantel of running CIAT and High Tech Auto to Mark Keiser and Greg Ramirez of Smog Tech Institute.

Smog Tech Institute, The new owners of CIAT and High Tech Auto, will try our best to live up to Myron and Margaret's legacy, not an easy thing to do.


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