72 Hour Bar Specified Diagnostic and Repair Re certification Training

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Package includes the classes needed to recertify or to receive a Repair Technician Certification:

- BAR Specified Diagnostic and Repair Training (also known as A-6, A-8, L-1 Alternative)

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shutterstock 113595703 500x317.dm.crop 0 4 500 317 djHnBAR Specified Diagnostic and Repair Training is intended to provide students a high level of competency in the diagnosis and repair of Smog Check failures. This training focuses on the areas of electrical/electronic systems and engine and emission control performance. Students may substitute this training in place of the ASE A6, A8, and L1 for recertification. Or students with at least two years of engine performance repair experience and who successfully complete this training may qualify for the state licensing examination for the Smog Check Repair Technician License. Click here for a sample of book >> 




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